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» 24/7 Emergency Service Available! «

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Our Hours

Office – Mon – Fri: 8 am to 5 pm
Service – Mon – Fri: 7 am to 4 pm

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Ever since Secure Door LLC was established in 2009, we have taken great pride on providing Quality Craftmanship, Excellent Products, Customer Service, Reliability, Professionalism with a Commitment of 100% Customer Satisfaction. With 25+ years of experience, you can expect our factory trained technicians to get the job done right.

» 24/7 Emergency Service Available! «

5 Amazing Perks of Getting Commercial Door Repair Services You Wish You Knew

Michigan Commercial Door Repair – Secure Door LLC

If you are in need of experienced and trusted Michigan Commercial Door Repair, please contact Secure Door LLC at (586) 792-2402 today! Click here to learn more about our repair services or Follow Us on Facebook!

Michigan Commercial Door Repair

Do you need a commercial door repair? Others may think that making it a DIY project is the wisest thing they can do to sort the dilemma and you might entertain this idea as well.

However, did you know that professional companies can do a lot more than you might imagine? It can be either a bold or overwhelming move, especially if you haven’t called for commercial door repair before. But, it’s best to put the work into a professional’s hands.

Still skeptical about whether you should opt for commercial door repair services or not? We’ve compiled five benefits of going for the former.

Saved Time

Did you know that you can save more time by hiring a company? Some may think that researching and looking for the best commercial door repair company is a daunting task, but it really isn’t.

What’s more daunting and time-consuming is working to try and fix the problem on your own! This becomes an even bigger issue if you’ve never had to deal with the problem before. In return, you don’t know what to do and what’s the best way to fix what needs fixing.

Companies offering commercial door repair know how to deal with all sorts of issues. They’re used to working as quickly as possible to get a commercial door working properly again. Thus, once they visit your establishment, expect a few things. They can examine the door, determine the issue or issues, and take care of the repair.

Quality and Advanced Equipment

Sure, you’ve probably thought of buying the repair tools on your own. It may save you more time and money in the long run, right? However, this isn’t usually the case. In reality, you may end up buying the wrong equipment, and then you’ll have to face the consequences.

With professional door repair service companies, you can be sure that all the tools used for the task aren’t just advanced but of high quality as well. They don’t want to compromise the service they offer. Plus, they won’t risk their image. You can then be sure that they’ll use the best equipment possible to repair your door.

More Competent Staff

Do you think that you can handle the repair on your own? That’s because there are a lot of DIY door repairs that encourage people to work on it right away.

However, don’t take the risk if you’ve never had experience with repairs. If you’re unsure of what you’re supposed to do, don’t push it either. Repairing your door by yourself or with the help of an employee or two can be risky, if not downright dangerous.

On the other hand, door repair companies hire experienced, professional and the best workers that can perform the repair tasks. Before they accept projects, they undergo training to hone their skills so they can do their job well.


If you don’t know anything about door repairs, ask the repair specialist a few questions about getting your door fixed. They’ll definitely answer, but that’s not the only sign they’re reliable. The best door repair companies work in a certain way where they don’t just visit your business and start tackling the repair job.

The staff will consult you first about door repair options. Then, you may feel free to choose from before they start anything. Once you make your decision and give the green light for the repair, then they’ll go ahead and do their thing. Expect updates about the whole working process as well.

Decreased Risk from DIY

We can’t stress enough the risk and danger that you might suffer once you work on it as a DIY project. Doors are heavy, and so are some of the tools and equipment used for repairs.

No idea about what a professional door repair contractor is supposed to do? Don’t count the DIY solution as a viable option. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional to make sure that your door will be fixed without putting yourself at risk.

You may doubt the wisdom of seeking professional help from the experts. But, know that there’s more to it than what you might expect. The best commercial door repair service companies use quality equipment, hire competent staff, and have been offering their services for many years. So, remember these things to consider. Then, it’s up to you to decide who’s the best repair service provider that will give you quality service and customer satisfaction.

For top rated Michigan Commercial Door Repair, call Secure Door LLC at (586) 792-2402 now!

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Certified Commercial and Industrial Door Service in Michigan

Certified Commercial and Industrial Door Service in Michigan by Secure Door LLC in Mt. Clemons Michigan.

Commercial and Industrial Door Service

Secure Door LLC provides expert Commercial & Industrial Door Service.  From Overhead Doors, Operators, Counter Shutters, Hollow Metal Door & Frames, Loading Dock Equipment, and so much more, let the experts at Secure Door, LLC help make it possible. We wholesale many national manufactures full product lines, making Secure Door your single source supplier for all varieties of commercial and industrial doors. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation. In addition to installation, we also provide repairs and maintenance.

Our Services Include:

  • Overhead Door Service
  • Commercial Doors
  • Industrial Doors
  • Commercial Door Operators
  • Door Maintenance
  • Loading Dock Equipment
  • Roll Up Doors
  • Automatic Doors
  • ADA Doors
  • Hollow Metal Doors

Our Service Area:

Mt Clemens, Sterling Heights, Warren, Detroit, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, ClintonTownship, Shelby Township, Southfield, Dearborn, and surrounding cities.

At Secure Door, LLC, we provide a full line of services for most types and brands of commercial, industrial, residential doors, gates and dock equipment. We pride ourselves on Quality Craftmanship, Excellent Products, Customer Service, Reliability, Professionalism with a Commitment of 100% Customer Satisfaction.

In addition to professional installation, Secure Door, LLC provides repairs on most types of doors, gates, and dock equipment and offer planned maintenance programs. We also offer fire door inspections and testing in addition to safety evaluations for all other types of doors.


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